ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US coming to 3D, Blu and DVD

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Morgan Spurlock’s ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US, coming to3D, Blu-Ray and DVD Dec. 17

Sometimes, searching for “bad” movies turns up a few surprises.  Case in point, I recently came across this press release for “One Direction: This Is Us”, coming to 3D Blu, Blu-Ray and DVD on Dec. 17.   I haven’t heard much of their music, but I know they’re HUGE with teenage girls. Naturally, my first thought is that these guys are the Superman 2 to Justin Bieber: where he is just one, they are five – bursting out of their British phantom zone to reek havoc on US pop culture.  Then I saw this documentary was directed by one of my favorites… Morgan “Super Size Me” Spurlock. Mind = blown.  Did he sell out or is this thing actually pretty good?  Feel free to comment if you’ve seen it, as I’m actually kind of interested in hearing some reactions.  Click “READ MORE” below for specs on the various editions being released.

Blu-ray Combo Pack Exclusive Bonus Features (Also 3D Format) Include:

  • 20 minutes of new footage
  • Four additional songs
  • Three featurettes:
  • “I Didn’t Do It” – The boys try to complete on-air promotions at a Japanese radio station
  • “Hold That Pose” – The boys visit the famed Madam Tussauds wax museum
  • “Up All Night!” – Two mini movies previously only shown during the live concert


Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • “Best Song Ever” Music Video
  • Five “Going Home” Featurettes – Each member of the group visits their home town, family and friends offering fans a glimpse at their life off the road
  • Two additional featurettes:
  • “Before The Show” Featurette – Featuring the boys hanging out, playing games, exercising/training, and getting ready for one of their performances
  • “1D Family” Featurette – A piece on the fans of One Direction
    • Extended Scenes

Here’s the trailer below.  It could be interesting if Spurlock gives an honest look at what it’s like to become famous virtually overnight, but could go the other way if it’s aimed solely at screaming teenage girls…

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