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The Intouchables (DVD review)

Intouchables DVD

THE INTOUCHABLES available 3/5 on DVD and Blu-Ray from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Here’s something worth thinking about:  In 2012 “Cloud Atlas” was released in 2,032 theaters across America. Starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, it only grossed $27 million domestically ($87 million foreign).  Nobody saw it and yet everybody knew about it.  The same year,  ”The Intouchables” grossed over $10 million in only 194 theaters, domestically.  Its foreign tally was over (brace yourself) $416 million – making it the most successful foreign language film in North America that year.   Everybody saw it, yet nobody here seemed to know about it.  Even when I tell people about it, they think I’m screwing up the name of that Brian DePalma movie.  Sadly, foreign language films typically get limited releases in the States, leaving many of us in the dark as to what’s being produced overseas.  Well fortunately, there’s a chance to rectify this.  On March 5th, “The Intouchables” comes to DVD and Blu-Ray courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and it’s easy to see why it did so well both critically and commercially without the glamour of big names or a multi-million dollar budget. Read more

Jack The Giant Slayer (Film Review)

Jack poster

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER in theaters now from Warner Bros.

Somehow, I missed the trailers for “Jack the Giant Slayer” (or I just wasn’t paying attention) and I certainly wasn’t wowed by the cardboard standees in the theater used to promote the film.  I mean, what IS that thing?  A giant stone Mayan turtle?  Whatever.  Everyone knows that fantasy films of this type nowadays are either ultraviolent retellings with zombies or Shrek -style fractured fairy tales with references to medieval versions of things like the iPad.  Besides, Jack and the Beanstalk  was one of my favorite stories as a child and I refuse to let anyone other than George Lucas rape my childhood.  Well lo and behold Warner Bros was able to wine and dine the 8 year-old in me and director Bryan Singer turned out to be the perfect gentleman.  No, my childhood wasn’t unwillingly fondled… but after the first 10 minutes, I was ready to put out. Read more

21 & Over (Film Review)

21 and over psoter

21 AND OVER in theaters now from Relativity Media

Summer, 2009:  I think my favorite comedy to date had been “Old School”.  I had been a huge Todd Phillips fan since seeing a bootleg of his GG Allin doc “Hated” back in college, so naturally I expected to love “The Hangover”.  Love it I did – so much so that it knocked “Old School” from the pedestal it had occupied for nearly 6 years.  I dragged everyone to see the film, probably watching it myself once a week for a month and a half.  It just never stopped being funny to me.  Then came the numerous knockoffs, including its own lackluster sequel – which didn’t even employ the talents of the original’s writers, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.  But Lucas and Moore did end up writing the irreverent, if ultimately unimpressive Ryan Reynolds vehicle “The Change-Up”.  The film ultimately lost money, but apparently not enough.  The scribes have now been given a chance to direct “21 & Over”, their own Phillips-less “Hangover” knockoff and you know it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Read more