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Congratulations to Our THE KING OF THE STREETS Contest Winners!

King of the Streets cover

KING OF THE STREETS, on DVD and Blu-Ray 7/6, from Well Go USA!

Thank you to the ruffians who entered our “King of the Streets” Blu-Ray giveaway! Many climbed into the ring, but only two have emerged victorious!  Two lucky participants will be receiving their Blu-Ray copy of the film courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day… how’d you fare?



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ISHTAR (Blu-Ray Review)

Ishtar cover

ISHTAR coming to Blu-Ray, 8/6 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Waterworld“, “Howard the Duck“… “Caddyshack“.  These are films that were regarded as colossal flops, but in reality turned out to be… well, not so bad.  Video helped these misfits of cinema find their loving audience and even became bona fide classics (in “Caddyshack‘s” case, anyway).  It seems like every once in awhile, critics hold a secret conference to choose one film to universally gang up on.  That film will be pop culture’s go to joke until the next flop is chosen.  Sometimes it’s warranted (“Gigli“), sometimes it’s not… like in the case of “Ishtar“, finally coming to Blu-Ray on 8/6 after years of delay from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Many people have ragged on the film over the years, including Gary Larson who mocked it in a “Far Side” panel, without ever having ACTUALLY seen the movie.  Well, now’s your chance to give the film a fair shake… and it’s never looked better. Read more