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The Quiet Man (DVD Review)

quiet man poster

THE QUIET MAN available on DVD from Artisan pictures

The greatest American movie genre is easily the Western. Italy may have made them cool, but some of the best came from the good ol’ U.S. of A. where John Ford ruled the roost.  When John Wayne starred as his leading man, not only were some of the great Westerns made (“Fort Apache”, “The Searchers”), but some of Hollywood’s most classic films.  Day 3 of our St. Patrick’s week, might be a little surprising at first glance.  It’s a classic John Ford film, but one that’s as far from the West as the Atlantic is wide. “The Quiet Man” is as Irish as a Guiness and despite not having a single leprechaun or a glowing pot of gold, shows the Emerald Isle in all her beauty with every exterior shot. Read more