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Slightly Single Blu cover

SLIGHTLY SINGLE IN LA coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on 9/3 from Well Go USA

Ever have a facebook “friend” that annoys you with everything they write? Maybe they constantly brag about their life while masking it in a complaint? For example: “I was just at the supermarket and heard a lady complaining about the brand of caviar they carry. I HATE living in Beverly Hills.” Ugh. One of the worst offenders on my friends list is a girl I went to school with who’s snobby, materialistic and a master of the passive-brag-gressive post that makes me want to throw my computer out a window. While she had nothing to do with the production of the movie, her voice was all over “Slightly Single in LA“, a film that’s as engaging as a slideshow of your neighbor’s family vacation… only “hipper”. It’s as if Writer/Director Christie Will decided to take her social media wall and reenact every post with a collection of fading 90′s stars.

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A COMPANY MAN (Blu-Ray Review)

company man bd

A COMPANY MAN coming 8/27 to Blu-Ray and DVD from Well Go USA

Back in college, I took a beginner’s Japanese class.  I remember learning that a white collar businessman is called a “Salary Man”. I guess it’s similar to calling someone a “businessman,” but in my mind, I always thought that Asians regard this class of worker differently than Americans.  In reality, I think we both look at them as the drones that keep the economy running… only one seems to hide their discontent better than the other.  In any case, when I watched Lim Sang-Yun’s “A Company Man“, I kept hearing the word “Sarariman” over and over in my mind.  While most cubicle-bound businesspeople doing the 9-to-5 may claim that the job is killing them, I don’t think many have meant it literally.  Here, it is quite literal… and quite exciting. Read more

FLOATING CITY (Blu-Ray Review)

Floating City BD Box Art

FLOATING CITY coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on 8/20 from Well Go USA

When I think of a “Floating City“, the first thing that pops into mind is Cloud City on the planet Bespin. On planet Earth, I immediately think of Venice, Italy. Well, the titular city in director Yim Ho’s comeback film actually refers to Hong Kong, floating off the southern coast of China.  As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to world history, you can just about squeeze what I don’t know into the Grand Canyon. I do know that Hong Kong used to be controlled by the Brits and that Christianity is big there, but if you were to ask me anything about the “Egg People”, I’d think you were referencing something from “Sgt. Pepper“.  On 8/20, “Floating City” hits Blu-Ray and DVD, providing a snapshot of Hong Kong in the final years of British rule and sheds a bit of light on the struggles of these oddly named people. Read more


Guillotines Blu cover

THE GUILLOTINES available on Blu-Ray and DVD, 8/13 from Well Go USA!

What do you get when you combine epic sword fights, terrorism, betrayal and… decapitations? “The Guillotines“, of course! Andrew Lau, perhaps best known to Western audiences as the Producer/Director of the “Infernal Affairs” trilogy, brings new meaning to “headhunting” with his latest film coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on 8/13 from Well Go USA. Part action movie, part period drama, “The Guillotines” aims to fire on all cylinders and appeal to a wide audience. But as is brought up numerous times in the film, when you make a promise, it must be kept – and the promise is cool weaponry taking off heads. Unfortunately, just like a character in a Lau film, the Director betrays us and delivers something that’s mostly different. That isn’t always a bad thing. Read more


King of the Streets cover

KING OF THE STREETS, arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray 7/6, from Well Go USA!

I’m certainly not the first to make a comparison like this (see: “The Wrestler“), but fighters and prostitutes are kindred spirits. Both are arguably abusing their bodies for financial gain and as such have a depressingly short shelf life. I guess you could make a similar comparison between fighting movies and porn. Sometimes story is just something to connect the “action” scenes. This is the case with “The King of the Streets“, arriving 8/6 on Blu-Ray and DVD from Well Go USA.  Director/Star Yue Song’s tale of urban survival is fight scene after fight scene, strung together with a clumsy plot and the deep symbolism of rebirth as an eagle. Yes, an eagle. Read more

Congratulations to Our THE KING OF THE STREETS Contest Winners!

King of the Streets cover

KING OF THE STREETS, on DVD and Blu-Ray 7/6, from Well Go USA!

Thank you to the ruffians who entered our “King of the Streets” Blu-Ray giveaway! Many climbed into the ring, but only two have emerged victorious!  Two lucky participants will be receiving their Blu-Ray copy of the film courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day… how’d you fare?



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Fight to Win THE KING OF THE STREETS on Blu-Ray!

King of the Streets cover

THE KING OF THE STREETS, fights its way onto DVD and Blu-Ray 7/6, from Well Go USA… enter to win your copy today!

Well, you don’t have to do any actual fighting… leave that to the pros.  On July 6, “The King of the Streets“ will hit DVD and Blu-Ray and you can be one of the first to own it courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day! Directed by Zhong Lei and real life martial artist Yue Song, “The King of the Streets” follows a young thug who finds himself locked up after tragically killing a competing street fighter.  Years later, he’s released from prison, rehabilitated, but finds the streets he’s left behind are worse than ever. Forced back into his old life, he’s ready to fight again in the name of JUSTICE!! Are you ready to rumble? Just send an email here with “King” in the subject line anytime from 7/28 through 8/4/13. Two winners will be randomly selected to win a copy on Blu-Ray and notified via email, then announced on the CJD website. Sorry folks, only one entry is allowed per person and the contest is only open to US residents.


NEW WORLD winners announced!

New world cover

NEW WORLD available on Blu-Ray and DVD 7/23 from Well Go USA!

Thanks to all who entered our “New World” Blu-Ray giveaway! Sadly, there can only be two winners.  We’ve randomly selected two lucky participants who will receive a Blu-Ray of the film courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day!




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NEW WORLD (Blu-Ray Review)

New world cover

NEW WORLD available on Blu-Ray and DVD 7/23 from Well Go USA!

The early to mid-2000′s really put Korean cinema on the map. Films like “Oldboy“, “The Host” and “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring” were both financially and critically successful in North America – not the easiest market to crack for foreign films. It could be that more than any other Asian country, Korean cinema hits closest to American tastes. The latest example of this is Park Hoon-jung’s “New World“, available on DVD and Blu-Ray 7/23 from Well Go USA. The film plays like the love child of “The Godfather” and “The Departed” and while it isn’t quite as good as either of those films, it comes damn near close.

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TAI CHI HERO Contest Winners Announced!

Tai Chi Hero BD cover

TAI CHI HERO out now on Blu-Ray and DVD from Well Go USA!

Congratulations to the winners of our “Tai Chi Hero” Blu-Ray giveaway! Thank you to all who entered.  Each of our lucky participants will receive a Blu-Ray of the film courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day!




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