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Enter Now to Win NEW WORLD on Blu-Ray!

New world cover

Enter to win NEW WORLD (coming to Blu-Ray and DVD 7/23) courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day!

This is no Terrence Malik “tone poem”. South Korean director Park Hoon-Jung’s, gangster thriller is packed with lies, deceit and bloodshed. Sony Pictures recently picked up the remake rights, but it could take years before it hits theaters. Why wait? Save time by entering to win the original on Blu-Ray courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day! It’s easy to do: Just send an email here with “NEW WORLD” in the subject line anytime from 12:00 PDT on 7/4/13 through 12:00 PDT on 7/21/13. Two winners will be randomly selected and notified via email, then announced on the CJD website. As always, only one entry is allowed per person and the contest is only open to US residents.

Good luck!

TAI CHI HERO (Blu-Ray Review)

Tai Chi Hero BD cover

TAI CHI HERO available on Blu-Ray and DVD, 7/2 from Well Go USA!

I’m a big fan of Kung Fu movies and one of the coolest I’d seen in a long time was 2012′s “Tai Chi Zero“.  Stephen Fung’s martial arts extravaganza was infused with video game and steampunk elements that electrified the genre and found an appeal with mainstream audiences the world over.  On July 2, we go from “Zero” to “Hero”, as the second film in a planned trilogy, “Tai Chi Hero“, makes it’s way to Blu-Ray and DVD courtesy of Well Go USA.  Continuing right from where the first left off, “Hero” maintains the mood and humor of it’s predecessor while amping up the fight scenes and visual effects.  Fans of “Zero”, as well as the uninitiated are bound to have a lot of fun with this action-packed sequel. Read more

Win TAI CHI HERO on Blu-Ray!

Tai Chi Hero BD cover

Enter to win your very own copy of TAI CHI HERO (coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on 7/2) from Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day!

Jonesing for a giveaway?  Well you’re in luck! Now you can enter to win “Tai Chi Hero” on Blu-Ray courtesy of Well Go USA and Cinema Judgement Day.  The film is an exciting blend of martial arts, video game and steampunk action and is sure to put a bang in your 4th of July celebration!!  Simply send an email here with “Hero” as the subject line starting from 6/29/13 at 12:00 PDT and ending 7/4/13 at 12:00 PDT.  Two winners will be randomly selected and notified via email before being announced on the CJD website.  Sorry, the contest is only open to US residents and only one entry per person, please.

Good luck to all!

DINO KING 3D (Blu-Ray Reveiw)

Dino King 3d blu-ray cover

DINO KING 3D coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on 6/18 from Well Go USA!

I remember when I was a child, any entertainment was good entertainment.  It didn’t matter if it was educational or not, I enjoyed it all the same.  Although, I’m sure my parents felt better about sitting me in front of the educational stuff, most of the time I didn’t even know what was going on; if a show was visually appealing or had someone that talked in a goofy voice, I was all in.  Nowadays, I see the same thing with my little nephew.  His parents sit him down in front of Baby Einstein to learn, but he’s just as enthralled by a ticking clock on the wall. I think the key really is to trap a kid with exciting visuals and cute characters and try to slip the smart stuff in beneath the radar.  That’s more or less what “Dino King 3D” does.  Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD 6/18 from Well Go USA, the film teaches about the giant lizards of the past as it tells an exciting tale. Read more

SADAKO 3D (DVD Review)

SADAKO 3D cover

SADAKO 3D available on DVD and Blu-Ray 6/4 from Well Go USA

In 2002, director Gore Verbinski brought us the American remake of the Japanese horror film “Ringu”. “The Ring” ended up grossing nearly $250m and became a pop culture phenomenon. Three years later, a lackluster sequel that had nothing to do with the Japanese series came and went and the franchise was barely heard from again. Until now. On June 4, Well Go USA releases “Sadako 3D” on DVD and Blu-Ray. The latest in the Japanese “Ringu” series is a wonderful frightfest that stands alone as a great horror film and makes terrifying use of the third dimension. With an eerie new twist on the original’s plot device, “Sadako 3D” breaths new life into the decade-old classic… and just might make you think twice before playing that YouTube clip being passed around on Facebook. Read more

NIGHTFALL (Blu-Ray Review)

Nightfall Blu-Ray

Enter to win NIGHTFALL courtesy of Cinemay Judgement Day and Well Go USA!

Alfred Hitchcock famously spoke of the difference between surprise and suspense.  He illustrated his point with two people speaking at a cafe. One of them places a bomb under the table and we’re told that it will go off at say, 1 o’clock.  By letting the audience know what is happening, they’re not surprised by a sudden explosion, but they’ve experienced fifteen minutes of suspense.  Hitchcock said that you must always keep the audience informed – unless the surprise is a twist ending, which would be the highlight of the story.  Most everybody can enjoy a good thriller.  The best ones are full of suspense and tension, letting the audience white-knuckle it to the finish. On Tuesday, May 21st Well Go USA releases one such thrill-ride from Hong Kong:  ”Nightfall”.  Released on both Blu-Ray and DVD, “Nightfall” remembers both old Hong Kong crime movies as well as the Western noir. Read more

NIGHTFALL Blu-Ray Winners Announced!

Nightfall Blu-Ray

NIGHTFALL coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on 5/21 from Well Go USA

Thank you to all who entered the Cinema Judgement Day / Well Go USA “Nightfall” giveaway.  We’ve selected our winners who each will receive a Blu-Ray of the film!




Did you have a “Nightfall” windfall?  Click “READ MORE” to see! Read more

BACK TO 1942 (Blu-Ray Review)

Back to 1942

BACK TO 1942 now on DVD and Blu-Ray from Well Go USA

The recent release of “Iron Man 3″ brought attention to a new trend of tailoring a film to the *ahem* needs of another country (read: China).  Several non-essential scenes/in-film adverts were shot with Chinese celebrities to better sell the film in that region.  From what I understand, the Chinese government was happy with the additions and the citizens were equally tlled. Well in an attempt to broaden international appealfor his latest film, “Back to 1942,” Chinese director Feng Xiaogang did something similar: he threw in some American stars. The film, available now on Blu-Ray and DVD from Well Go USA, is an historical drama featuring the likes of Adrian Brody and Tim Robbins in the midst of one of China’s darkest periods. No, this isn’t a special stateside cut, but could the inclusion of US actors help bring in US dollars? Read more

Congratulations to the Winners of BACK TO 1942!

Back to 1942

Congrats to the winners of BACK TO 1942!!!

Our “Back to 1942″ contest is now closed. CJD would like to thank all who entered, but unfortunately, there could only be two lucky winners… were you one of them?





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Looking for Gritty Action? Win “NIGHTFALL” on Blu-Ray!

Nightfall Blu-Ray

Enter to win NIGHTFALL courtesy of Cinemay Judgement Day and Well Go USA!

Do you like hard boiled detective films?  Then we’ve got a treat for you.  On May 21st, “Nightfall” arrives in the US on Blu-Ray and DVD and Cinema Judgement Day and Well Go USA have a copy for you.  We’ll be giving away a Blu-Ray to two (2) lucky readers.  Just send us an email with your name and where you’d like the prize sent. Also be sure to put “Nightfall” in the subject line.  The contest is open to US residents and only one entry per person will be permitted. Good luck!


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