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petunia dvd

PETUNIA coming to DVD on 9/3 from Wolfe Video

“What a tangled web we weave.” If it wasn’t a full sentence, this idiom would be the perfect title for Director/Co-writer Ash Christian’s latest film, “Petunia“. Available on DVD on 9/3, this little indie sports some razor sharp dialogue and a superb cast that delivers some of the best performances I’ve seen in awhile. If you’ve ever considered your family to be insanely dysfunctional, Christian’s Petunia clan, with all of their eccentricities and sexual hang-ups, are sure to make you feel better about the ones you love (and maybe even the ones you don’t.) In the very least, you’ll feel better about your sex life… Read more


Cloudburst cover

CLOUDBURST coming to DVD 7/30 from Wolfe Video

Lots of movies coming out today seem to be more about spectacle than about people.  Look no further than most of this summer’s offerings; it’s easy to wipe out an entire city block, but it’s not so easy to create characters anybody cares about.  That’s kind of the thing about road trip movies, they can be really offbeat and bizarre, but at the end of the day, if they’re going to succeed they have to be about people you want to be around.  Seriously, who really wants to be stuck on a two hour journey with Paul Walker as he struggles to read dialogue off of his palm? It also helps if the characters are fun, quirky and (most importantly) have great chemistry with each other.  ”Cloudburst“, coming to DVD July 30 from Wolfe Video, manages to hit many of the right notes, but doesn’t reach it’s destination without hitting a few speed bumps. Read more


White Frog cover

WHITE FROG coming to DVD on 7/16 from Wolfe Video

With the recent victory for human rights and the ability to marry whomever you love, gay pride has been in the public consciousness as of late.  Though, for as accepted as homosexuality is, there are thousands of people who feel they still can’t be themselves to their friends and family.  You would think that in this day and age, we’ve become a more enlightened society – but family, cultural and religious traditions can often intimidate and repress the open-mindedness needed for unconditional love.  Such is the case here in “White Frog“, coming to DVD on July 16 from Wolfe Video. The film explores both the false fronts and coming into being of  a young teenage male with one small twist: he’s dead. Read more



A PORTRAIT OF JAMES DEAN: JOSHUA TREE, 1951 available on DVD 6/4 from Wolfe Video

Roughly ten years ago, I submitted an entry for the second season of “Project Greenlight”.  Participants were required to judge other’s work and I remember receiving a script that stood out for all the wrong reasons.  The story was about a lonely housewife who somehow meets up with a thinly-veiled Eminem and a fiery relationship begins.  And I mean fiery.  This thing was like a Harlequin romance novel… albeit written by a seventeen year-old learning English as a second language. It was awful, but telling.  This was clearly the author’s fantasy, even if there wasn’t much of a story to hold it together.  In some ways, “A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951″ reminds me of this.  The film, coming to DVD June 4th from Wolfe Video, blends fact and fiction to tell the tale of a pre-fame, bi-sexual James Dean – though you have to wonder how much is just the product of a fantasizing screenwriter. Read more



MOSQUITA Y MARI available on DVD 6/4 from Wolfe Video

Pretty much everyone’s been in love before, but it’s that first time that’s the most awkward.  As you mature, you’re stuck between being a child and an adult.  You feel like nobody understands your situation (even though anyone with a pulse can relate) and you’re just sort of… shy about the whole thing. Not to mention the fact that you lack the maturity to do anything “right”.  Now, what if you’re into the same sex?  Now you’ve got to wonder if the people around you will be accepting and what if the object of your affection doesn’t feel the same attraction?  Well, June is LGBT month and on the 4th Wolfe Video brings “Mosquita Y Mari” to DVD.  An official selection of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, the movie follows two Los Angeles teenagers as they fall in love for the first time. Read more